Ullandhaug Ecological Farm in Stavanger is one of the foremost centers for communicating organic lifestyle and farms in its region. The foundation needs increased areas for the dissemination of its own and others’ activities and the operation of an organic sawmill and organic shop. The new building will be in an old yard with a protected main building and associated newer barn building.

The required building stock is designed to be broken up into different volumes that relate to the scale found around the yard and local area. Arrival for the various functions in the building activates the building to the ground floor. The indoor and outdoor areas are connected through a building body that forms semi-climatic zones to shield from wind and weather.

Building category:
Project size:
800 m2 BRA
Environmental goals:
Low energy building in pure wood
Material use:
CLT and Glulam. Wood fiber insulation. Untreated pine cladding. Low-carbon concrete.
Delivery from Oslotre: