The Skogfinsk museum is designed to use materials which are biodegradable or recyclable after their lifetime. The wood surfaces are left untreated and the thermal mass of the timber can store large amounts of heat throughout the day. Roof protrusions on all facades prevent overheating and protect against rain.

The ground is insulated with Glasopor and radon barriers; the concrete slab is of low carbon concrete; and the exposed foundation wall facing the river is sealed and sanded, dimensioned to withstand a possible extreme flood at a height of 3.5 meters.

Exterior walls are 100mm 5-layer CLT from untreated spruce insulated with 250mm pressure-resistant wood fiber insulation. The inside is applied with a layer of lye and hard soap. Lye bleaches the wood material to prevent yellowing and the cure treatment makes the wood sturdy, smooth and washable. Pine heartwood is used as exterior cladding, giving a robust and damp-open construction. The window frames are self-supporting and independent of the building’s support structure.

The ceiling is supported by glulam columns 300x300mm in a 5 meter axis. The roof is built up as a cassette deck and will function as a two-way plate with roof slabs of CLT in the bottom and top. This construction method provides a lightweight self-supporting rafter roof, carried by freestanding columns.

By utilizing the rigidity of the square geometry of the roof in accordance with the square design of the building, the entire structure is stabilized without the need for additional bearing or stiffening structures. In this way we achieve large open spaces and a free and flexible space plan.

The interior lightweight walls are composed of insulated timber frame covered with thin solid wood panels 30mm thick. This provides a robust starting point for interchangable exhibition walls. All interior walls can be moved and room configuration customized as needed.

The heartwood of pine when left untreated will get a natural gray patina over time, achieving lifespan of 30-80 years.

Building category:
Project size:
1736 m2
Environmental goals:
Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction. Hybrid ventilation.
Material use:
100 CLT walls, woodfibre insulation, Glulam columns, Pine heartwood, Glasopor insulation in ground. Lov carbon concrete.
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural design, in cooperation with Eriksen Skaaja AS