The Rakkestad Library is our winning proposal as the result of an invited competition, together with Eriksen Skaaja and Bjørbekk & Lindeim.
The main idea behind this project is to co-localize a variety of cultural functions  by establishing an open culture library, thus creating a new meeting place for Rakkestad Municipality.

We have designed a library pavilion with large, open spaces and without columns, creating a characteristic roof surface and profile of very light-weight pleated Kerto plates. We have chosen to wrap the building in a high-insulated, self-supporting glass system to allow the warm timber inside to appear clearly from the urban space.

All technical features are placed between the V in the roof, giving an integrated and hidden ventilation system.

The appearance of the pavilion is classical yet the slender glass system and cornice provide associations with modernism, whereas the wood softens the appearance and places the building in the context of Rakkestad’s wooden venture.

Building category:
Project size:
1000 m2
Environmental goals:
Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction
Material use:
Kerto roof, 140mm CLT stair and lift shafts. Glulam columns.
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural design, in cooperation with Eriksen Skaaja AS