Oslotre pre-qualified with Eriksen & Skajaa Architects, LalaTøyen Landskap and Reinertsen (energy) in the competition for the design of Kistefoss Plussbarnehage (FutureBuilt project). The project criteria was to create a new kindergarten that produces more energy than it uses.

The concept was an encircling and fairytale-ish building style that plays with different heights to the interior rooms. The smaller inner radius is used as hall and wardrobes, thus providing quick communication between the areas. The outer radius is classroom areas, which also have more need for natural sunlight and heat. The project goal is solved by the use of thermal and hygrothermal properties in wood, natural ventilation and heat recovery.

Building category:
Project size:
1300 m2
Environmental goals:
Pluss energy building
Material use:
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architeture together with Eriksen/Skajaa Architects and LalaTøyen