This villa was built for a professional sailor and his family on an island in the Oslofjord, and has a maritime touch taking inspiration from wooden boats. The home is open in all directions to bring in light, views and nature. The building is a pure wooden construction built from pre-cut timber elements insulated with wood fiber insulation, and clad with aspen and oak on the interior and Brazilian kumaru wood on the exterior. The house is compact and space efficient yet appears open, bright, warm and generous.

Building category:
Family house
Project size:
140 m2
Environmental performance:
64 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure. Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction. Natural ventilation.
Material use:
Aspen and oak interior, untreated. Kumaru wood exterior facade and certified Merbau wooden deck. Precut timberframe. Woodfiber insulation. Oak windows.
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural design and factory production drawings