This building was designed and adapted to products that the client found for free on, an online marketplace for give away products. All windows and doors have been recycled from previous buildings. Half of the building is a 3 story apartment for a small family. The apartment is shaped after the principles of Open Form, and has a 3 dimensional room plan. The other half of the building is a garage for a car shop company and is shaped after the roofshape of a SAAB 900.

Building category:
Apartment & Workshop
Project size:
115 m2
Environmental performance:
36 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure. Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction. Natural ventilation.
Material use:
Primary construction in 100mm CLT walls + 140mm roof, woodfiber insulation, slowgrowing untreated spruce from Valdres cladding. CLT interior walls and deck.
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural design and factory production drawings