Zero emission building - Norways first ZEB-COM building

In Evenstad, Statsbygg has realized the country’s first ZEB-COM building – zero greenhouse gas emissions in the building’s life cycle.

The greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the construction process (C for Construction), the production of materials (M for Materials) and energy use in operation (O for Operational) are compensated for by the export of renewable locally produced energy.

Oslotre was assigned to the task as expert on timber construction, and developed the construction concept together with the project group.

Building category:
Project size:
Environmental performance:
ca 120 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure. ZEB-COM standard. Heating by burning wood pellets. Use of non-toxic materials throughout the whole construction. Hybrid ventilation.
Material use:
CLT and Glulam. Wood fiber insulation. Untreated pine cladding. Low-carbon concrete.
Delivery from Oslotre: