The V and L cabins, designed for two pairs of friends, perch atop a hillside overlooking Lake Krøderen in Norefjell, Norway. True to their names, the cabins consist of two adjacent volumes: one housing the bedrooms and the other featuring an open living and dining area. Notably, the living room is situated a few steps lower than the kitchen, creating a natural division between the spaces. Expansive windows in the living room face eastward, framing the captivating view of the valley below. In the evenings, the two fireplaces take center stage as the main focal points. Both cabins are constructed using solid masstimber, with wooden elements showcased prominently in the interior. The lightly treated walls and ceilings contribute to a breathable and healthy environment. On the exterior, ore pine cladding characterizes the cabins, complemented by contrasting accents in shades of dark red and dark green.

Building category
Project size:
Approx. 102,9 m^2 BRA
Materials used:
Glulam construction, ore-pine fasade cladding
Delivery from Oslotre: