Four apartment buildings in Sande, each building with five apartments and adjoining parking garage over three stories. Built in cooperation with the Norwegian producer Termowood AS. Termowood is a an insulated wall element, consisting of CLT/mineralwool/CLT.

All external and internal walls are built with Termowood, whereas the slabs, stairs and elevator shafts are in CLT.

Oslotre AS was assigned to the architectural detailing, application of planning permissions, and sound engineering and building physics for the four apartment buildings. We also provided all timber and concrete production drawings, assembly manuals, and project management.

Building category:
Apartment building
Environmental performance:
ca. 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in each building structure. Use of non-toxic materials. Untreated wood. Pure timber construction.
Material use:
Termowood walls as loadbearing structure together with CLT slabs, stairs and elevator shafts
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural detailing, production drawings, Sound engineering and Building Physics