Rakkestad Culture School is a building in solid wood over 2 floors with a gross area of​​ 774 m2 located next to the town hall and culture house in the center of Rakkestad. The cultural school adapts to existing buildings on the square in height and shape, and relates to the axis from the road leading down to the main street. Together, the new and existing buildings form a unifying cultural square.

The project is made entirely of wood and wood based materials from inside to outside. CLT load bearing walls, slabs and roof are insulated with wood fiber and clad using 100% Ore-pine (heartwood of pine). By utilising woodbased materials in all of its components the exterior wall construction allows for a dynamic and breathing facade without the use of plastics or other inorganic materials.

The new Culture School has an open and inviting glass facade towards the square, where the entrance area and the main activity room is located. The facade consists of a profiled wooden cladding, divided into a pattern with a rhythm that follows the building’s other structuring principles. Windows and glass elements follow the same rhythms.

Fully integrated ventilation system hidden behind ceiling and walls allows air to circulate through timber slats without any visible appliance or grilles. Carefully chosen material palette includes visible CLT surfaces and pine timber slats in walls and ceiling. Color accents in the main rooms with green terrazzo flooring and warm red acoustic textile curtains. The building’s form and technical solutions made it possible to achieve a cost-effective construction, while retaining a high quality in detailing.

Building category:
Art School
Project size:
760 m2
Material use:
CLT and Glulam
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural design in corporation with Fragment Arkitekter, Ny Struktur and Landskapsarkitekt Nils Skaarer