Five buildings in solid wood.


Alta’s new care center will consist of 60 care homes and 108 nursing homes spread over a total of five buildings. The whole project is built in solid wood. The ground floor will be interconnecting, but the construction will appear as five individual buildings. The five buildings, which make up a total area of around 24,000 square meters, will consist of several departments and functions. There will be 54 full-time manned care homes and six week-long manned care homes for younger users. In addition, 72 long-term nursing homes, 36 short-term nursing homes, office space, canteen, health center and medical offices will be built. In total we have estimated that there will be 4000 cubic meters of solid wood.

Building category:
Care homes
Project size:
24 830 m2 - 4000 m3
Environmental performance:
3200 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure
Material use:
CLT and Glulam
Delivery from Oslotre:
Timber Design