Five buildings in solid wood
Alta’s new care center will consist of, among other things, 60 care homes and 108 nursing homes spread over a total of five buildings. The whole project is built in solid wood.

The care center is located in the center of Alta. The five buildings, which make up a total area of around 24,000 square meters, will consist of several departments and functions. Among other things, there will be 54 full-time manned care homes and six week-long manned care homes for younger users. In addition, 72 long-term nursing homes and 36 short-term nursing homes will be built.

In addition to this, we’re building an office space, reception, cafe / canteen, large kitchen, health center and medical office.

In total we have estimated that there will be 4000 cubic meters of solid wood.

Building category:
Care homes
Project size:
24 830 m2 - 4000 m3
Environmental performance:
3200 tonnes of CO2 equivalents stored in the building structure
Material use:
Delivery from Oslotre: