Those two villas are placed next to an existing house on a plot in northern Oslo. The buildings are built into the sloping site and placed in a way not to block the fantastic view of the older house behind them. The view from all rooms is maximized, while direct visual connections between the new neighbours are minimized.

Large CLT elements provide the finished interior surfaces. The exterior is clad in untreated heartwood of pine, the corners are rounded off to give the whole project a dynamic yet soft and fluid appearance. The interior organization follows the movement along the fluid main geometry.

Building category:
Project size:
247m2 and 243 m2 net area
CLT area:
92 m3
Glulam area:
69 m3
Material use:
Load bearing structure in CLT elements with untreated heartwood of pine
Delivery from Oslotre:
Architectural planning, CLT factory production drawings and assembly of CLT structure